1. Prepare your favorite gingerbread dough. Use a specialty cutter to cut shapes.

2. These cookies are iced using the run sugar method. To make icing for this method, mix a batch of royal icing and set aside 1/3 of the regular recipe. Take the remaining 2/3 and thin it down with warm water. To test for correct consistency, drop thinned royal icing from your spatula into the royal icing in the bowl. If the drop disappears by the count of 10, the royal icing has reached correct consistency. 

3. Mix batches of colored run sugar; cover and set aside. 

4. When cookies have cooled, use a #2 tip to outline the cookies with white royal icing of the standard consistency.

5. Using #2 tips, fill in the outlines with tinted run sugar, as shown.

6. Attach Dec-Ons® decorations with a dab of icing.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks