Dagoba Organic Chocolate releases the first-ever organic Chai Drinking Chocolate, giving consumers an indulgent new way to enjoy chai that is 100% organic and fair-trade certified. Dagoba Chai Drinking Chocolate is made with the finest organic cacao powder, bits of pure, unsweetened dark chocolate, cane sugar, crystallized ginger and essence of chai.

Chai has long been a popular tea-based beverage throughout India and South Asia with increased inclusion on the menus of coffee houses and beverage bars across the United States. The depth and complexity of Dagoba Chai Drinking Chocolate gives consumers a most authentic way to enjoy both Dagoba chocolate and the essence of chai – a blend of aromatic Indian spices and herbs, typically including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn, and cloves.

Chai is the newest flavor addition to the existing line of three pure and exotic Dagoba drinking chocolates: Authentic, Xocolatl and Unsweetened.

• Authentic delivers a rich experience with premium cacao powder, dark chocolate bits and cane sugar;
• Xocolatl, which shares the name with the popular Dagoba Xocolatl chocolate bar, is a blend of chilies and spice added to recreate the Aztec's enhancing cacao elixir – otherwise known as liquid gold;
• Unsweetened is perfect for those who wish to enjoy the natural properties of chocolate with no added sugar.

Beginning late July 2010, Dagoba Organic Chai Drinking Chocolate can be found at select retailers and specialty grocers nationwide and through its website, www.dagobachocolate.com.

In addition to various Dagoba drinking chocolates, Dagoba Organic Chocolate is the maker of an award-winning collection of 17 organic chocolate bars and baking products – from single varieties to flavors infused with ingredients such as essential oils, fruits and nuts.

For more information on Dagoba Organic Chai Drinking Chocolate and other Dagoba organic chocolate products, please visit www.dagobachocolate.com.