1. Ice the cake with buttercream, combing the sides of the cake with a decorator comb. 

2. Mix green icing using a few drops of DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel and a few drops of DecoPac Yellow Premium Gel; use the yellow color to also mix a straight yellow icing.

3. Starting where the estimated centerpoint of your cross will be, pipe four long leaves in the shape of a cross using your green icing and a #352 deep cut tube.

4. Using Lucks Royal Icing Roses, arrange 7 medium Bride’s Yellow and 11 small Light Green along the cruciform piped leaves, as shown.

5. Originating at each corner of the cross’ intersection, pipe two long, arced leaves. Along each of these leaves, with white icing, pipe several lilies-of-the-valley using a #79 standard tube.

6. With a #104 rose tip, pipe a yellow ribbon along the top edge of the sides of the cake. Pipe a white ribbon border along the top and bottom edges of the cake using the same size tip as the yellow ribbon.

7. Pipe filler leaves among and around all of the roses, and finish by piping small leaves variously around the bottom border.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks