walnut cookie
Pecans and walnuts are a popular ingredient during the holiday season.

In the US, both walnuts and pecans are consumed and produced in abundance. Approximately 99% of the country’s walnut production occurs in California’s Central Valley; its deep fertile soils and mild climate are ideal for walnut cultivation. Conversely, nearly 75% of the US pecan production happens in Georgia, New Mexico and Texas.

While their growing regions are specific, their consumption areas are widespread. People all across the country enjoy indulging in these delicious, protein-packed nuts—especially around the holidays.

So, this holiday season, work to incorporate walnuts and pecans into your product line. The following menu items currently being offered at bakeries from coast to coast should provide some inspiration:


On the menu at Café Lachine in Nags Head, NC, is a chocolate pecan pie. Another wonderful variation of the nut pies traditionally made during the holiday season is a maple, caramel, walnut pie. The rich caramel and maple syrup beautifully complement the walnuts.


Bernice’s Bakery in Missoula, MT, boasts Mexican wedding cookies as part of its holiday cookie repertoire. To make these treats, bakers work pecans into buttery, firm cookies, which are then rolled in powdered sugar. They are a customer favorite. Dark chocolate walnut cookies also make for a tempting treat during the holiday season.


The Chunky Monkey is a featured cake at Nashville Sweets in Nashville, TN. It is a vanilla banana cake with vanilla buttercream, walnuts, and chocolate ganache. And if you have customers who can’t get enough butter pecan ice cream during the summer, the toasted butter pecan cake is a must have in the winter. Fold pecans into the batter and sprinkle more over the buttercream for an enticing dessert.


At Nabloom Collective Bakery in Berkeley, CA, walnut brownies are a popular menu item. Walnuts also make a great addition to brownies. With gooey chocolate, melty caramel, and crunchy pecans, caramel-pecan brownies are an irresistible delight.