Smallcakes is one of the fastest growing brands in the baking industry, with over 200 locations throughout the country. Its owner, Jeff Martin, has created an in-demand cupcakery, and in recent years has looked to a new challenge.

Decadent Dessert Bar is looking at big expansion in 2019. The concept is a place where customers can get a high-end dessert in a casual atmosphere for a reasonable price, while enjoying small batch roasted coffee. Decadent celebrated its third anniversary this past November and continues to grow.

The concept is based out of Overland Park, Kansas, but also has locations in Texas, Georgia, Colorado, and Florida. In early January, Decadent opened its first location in Houston, Texas.

The menu of reasonably-priced, high-end desserts and baked goods changes throughout each week. It features fresh croissants, donuts, hot waffles, a variety of cheesecakes, pies, gelato, cupcakes, and much more. “I love developing new items and sharing it with our customers,” Martin says.

Decadent has recently expanded its menu to include breakfast sandwiches and what it calls “West Coast Waffles.” The breakfast sandwiches are made with croissants, glazed donuts, or a brioche bun. 

“Not only do we have amazing desserts, we wanted to expand on our morning offerings and that is where we started to test Breakfast Sandwiches and Waffles, and not just any waffles, our waffles can come simple or crazy, with ice cream and sprinkles,” Martin says.