Probiotics are already big, with gut health-boosting, bacteria-rich foods like kimchee, kefir and craft kombucha growing in popularity. In 2018, the focus will shift to “prebiotics,” according to chef Mareya Ibrahim, the founder of

“Think of them as the fertilizer that helps your good bacteria grow,” she says. “Look for prebiotic fiber powders containing ingredients like Jerusalem artichoke, inulin, acacia, and chicory root, and try products like boosted MCT oil to get your daily dose.”

Along these lines, organic tea is poised for steady growth in the coming year, and retail cafes are wise to respond to this trend.

Natural antioxidants occur in every healthy glass of tea. Flavonoids, the antioxidants found in tea, work to help bodies neutralize free radical molecules that may damage cells when combined with proper diet and exercise.

“Organic tea has become a huge growth opportunity for retailers by doubling in unit growth every year,” says Bill Bowron, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Red Diamond. “Red Diamond’s latest product is an ideal way to capture new customers in the category.”

Red Diamond recently introduced a new edition to their premium portfolio of high-quality coffee and teas, Red Diamond Organic Tea.

“As consumers move away from soft drinks, tea’s health halo shines through with organic and natural tea being of particular interest to the increasingly health-conscious shopper,” Bowron says.

Tea Forté meets traditional chai tea with Chakra, a new collection of spicy, organic tea blends. Masala chai is an Indian tradition that has evolved into a go-to wellness beverage for tea lovers worldwide. Expert tea blenders have added new notes to the traditional spice bouquet to give a new spin to this well-loved ritual.

The tea and spices of chai encourage well-being, mental clarity and pure enjoyment. Hot, steamed, iced or blended chai lattés can be made with any milk of choice, sweetened to taste. “Tea Forte’s first collection of all-chai teas, our Chakra Collection was designed with the ritual tea drinker in mind,” says Tea Forté chief executive officer Michael Gebrael.