While laminated dough has been integrated into bread products like Arcade Bakery’s laminated baguettes, this process is poised to make its way into sweeter avenues in the coming year.
Milk Bar founder and dessert expert Christina Tosi has identified several key dessert trends that she sees as being prominent in 2018. One is the use of laminated dough in sweet treats. She believes that more bakeries will use this technique for desserts, with flavors like matcha and banana split sundae among the possibilities.
Those looking to stand out from the crowd will look to push the boundaries of laminated dough even further.
Few fillings can provide the sweet satisfaction of chocolate. A favorite pastry of chocolate lovers is pain au chocolat, where chocolate is baked in for the perfect complement to the pastry’s buttery dough.
Former James Beard Foundation Outstanding Pastry Chef semi-finalist Neil Robertson of Crumble and Flake in Seattle uses laminated dough in some of the bakery’s sweet products, including its popular cinnamon rolls and its Danishes. Some feature apricot jam for a sweet balance to savory goat cheese filling.
Kringle is another pastry worthy of laminated dough distinction. The Scandinavian treat that also happens to be the official pastry of Wisconsin is a cherished treat up North. Danish-like in texture and in its sweet fillings, it’s typically drizzled with icing for an added layer of sweetness.
Houston’s Three Brothers Bakery is well-known for its special-edition king cakes, and the bakery recently added Christmas and Hanukkah king cakes to its menu for the holidays.
The Christmas King Cake is topped with bright red, green and white sanding sugar, as well as small Christmas tree ornaments and festive bows. The Hanukkah King Cake is topped with blue and white sanding sugar, as well as dreidel and menorah decorations. 
Three Brothers Bakery’s king cakes are made in a Louisiana style, typically filled with cream cheese or fruits and topped with sanding sugar.
Also new to the bakery’s menu this year are gingerbread cake balls. They are made with traditional gingerbread spice cake, dipped in a white chocolate and topped with gingerbread sprinkles.
“Our Gingerbread Men are beloved by many year-round, so we wanted to come up with a different way to enjoy our classic staple,” says bakery co-owner Bobby Jucker. “Our Gingerbread Cake Balls make the perfect gift or party tray.”