Image courtesy of PVDonuts
In 2016, Providence, Rhode Island-based donut shop PVDonuts introduced its Thanksgiving meal-in-one pastry, the “Friendsgiving” donut. The item was so popular during the holiday that PVDonuts has decided to bring it back for another year.

“Friendsgiving” starts with a brioche donut as the base. It is then topped with cranberry glaze, slices of fried chicken (chicken works better with the donut), mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. 

The donut will be available from Monday, November 20 through Wednesday, November 22. It’s part of a collaboration with Providence’s Bucktown, a Southern comfort food restaurant known for its chicken.

“Each year, we throw a Friendsgiving party so we can get together and celebrate with our closest friends, some of which don't have the opportunity to make it home for the Thanksgiving holiday due to various reasons. This doughnut is our way of showing that same love in a business sense by collaborating with another local business here in Providence,” a PVDonuts employee told ABC News.