Eclair Alternatives
Today there are more great tasting bakery options for those who are changing their diets.

Sometimes the wonderful tastes of bakery items get forfeited by consumers with health issues and those who are making an effort to change their diets. Whether trying to cut down on sugar or salt, going gluten-free for personal reasons, or having a medical condition that dictates certain foods and abstinence from others, health plays a much larger role in the foods that Americans eat today than ever before in history. However, delicious alternatives do exist.

Gluten-Free Stats

According to The Mayo Clinic and global market research firm Mintel Group Ltd., nearly 1.8 million Americans have celiac disease, 1.4 million are undiagnosed, and 1.6 million are on a gluten-free diet without diagnosis. Eighteen percent of consumers say that gluten-free is a consideration when choosing packaged foods. In fact, gluten-free claims on new food and beverage items have grown more than 94% since 2008.?? From sourcing to handling and testing, Wixon takes the necessary measures to ensure the highest quality gluten-free products.

The Indulgent Éclair

The long established ingredient company, Wixon in St. Francis, Wisconsin now offers a healthy version of one of the all-time indulgences, the éclair. Wixon’s All-Natural Gluten-Free Inside Out Éclair with a Reduced Sugar Custard Sauce gives the health-conscious consumer an alternative to just skipping out completely on this wonderful bakery item.

Wixon’s Inside Out Éclair is gluten-free.

The éclair dough shell is a blend of brown sugar, tapioca, and vanilla for a sweet taste, topped with a rich chocolate dip. The custard sauce contains 47 percent reduced sugar and Wixon’s Mag-nifique for Stevia. Mag-nifique Sugar Lift, plus vanilla, sugar, stevia, eggs, butter, and milk create indulgent custard. In addition to its all natural and gluten-free label, Wixon’s inside out éclair reduces the sugar by almost half. This makes for an all-around healthy choice for shoppers looking for a variety of health benefits.

Assured Quality

Wixon sources its gluten-free raw materials from qualified vendor partners, who provide a gluten-free Statement of Assurance. Wixon’s segregated blending suites and operations handling avoid cross-contamination. Blends are tested to confirm gluten-free status and validate Wixon’s gluten-free procedures. Gluten-free raw materials and ingredients are also stored in segregated areas. In addition to rigorous finished product testing, Wixon is GFSI Certified to FSSC 22000, the premier, globally-recognized model of food safety.