Consumers love all-you-can-eat pizza buffets, so why not treat your customers to a sweet deal like all-you-can-eat pie? This promotional idea gains special allure during the height of pie season, but can be effective at any time of the year. Your bakery can join in the fun, too, and you are sure to profit from this creative endeavor.

In 2017, Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood brought back its popular Pie Night events throughout the month of September. Every Wednesday and Thursday of the month, guests enjoyed unlimited slices of nine different pie variations in both sweet and savory flavors, at a price of $50 per person.

Pie Nights at Dominique Ansel Bakery feature flavors of pie such as salted-caramel apple, key lime coconut meringue, flambéed banana cream, blackberry and gin with roasted hazelnut crumble, strawberry rhubarb, and heirloom tomato with fresh ricotta.

Additionally, the pie is served with ice cream to make the dishes à la mode and mulled wine is topped off throughout the night. The bakery hosted three sessions per night.

Elsewhere, regions of the country where berries are especially popular are ripe for celebrating fruit pies during the fall.

In Oregon, the 2nd Annual Central County Pie Night took place on October 14 at the newly renovated Pacific Restaurant in downtown Tillamook. The event, which costs $10 a person, marked a celebration of fruit pies, custard pies, savory/no sugar pies, vegan pies, and gluten-free pies.

At Ashleigh’s Bake Shoppe in Kansas City, Missouri, pie season ushers in huge demand from local customers. The bakery specializes in handmade all-butter crusts, and fresh ingredients including freshly whipped cream, fresh fruits, hand-peeled apples, freshly squeezed lemons and limes, cane sugar, fresh cracked eggs, real vanilla, and real butter.

The all-you-can-eat pie trend is even catching on globally. The Blagdon Inn in the seaside town of Paignton, United Kingdom, features savory pie nights during the fall when guests can chow down on all the pie they can eat for $8.50 apiece.