Slicing bread is down to a science. Innovations over the past decades have ushered in an era in which consumers can enjoy perfectly sliced portions of breads and other fresh products, thanks to the innovations of leading suppliers.

Since 1932 Oliver has designed and manufactured quality bread slicers. This company legacy is evident in the more than 20,000 Oliver bread slicers that are in operation in North America.  Built with simplicity, Oliver slicers deliver on consistency and ease of ownership. The range includes countertop slicers to floor standing production models to consumer self-serve units.

“We've used Oliver with the extra-long chute slicers with good success when we were slicing lots of bread for wholesale.  As we ramped that down we switched over to an Oliver 777 "pull through" and absolutely love it,” says one bread baker about Oliver slicers. “Blade changes aren't terrible once per year and it's super durable.”

In formats where customer self-service is desired, the SimpleSlice® Self-Serve model from Oliver features an automatic push-button operation. Steps to slicing are straightforward. Customers will appreciate the speed and ease of self-service.

This machine features Intuitive top-load style, lower ergonomic profile, automatic push button operation, and a sleek, contemporary design. It slices loaves up to 18 inches wide and features an integrated bag tie holder.

For the user’s convenience, pictorial step-by-step instructions guide consumer through slicing process

Infeed and outfeed guards encapsulate bread loaf during slicing process.

There is also a blade replacement indicator light.

For artisan breads, the Oliver Front Loaf Slicer Model 732-N is perfect for on-demand slicing of hard-crusted breads and soft-textured sandwich loaves.

Key features include a small footprint – less than 24” wide – with large bread capacity – up to 16” loaves. The slicer is easy to operate, with convenient, front-mounted push button controls. It also features front-mounted bagging scoop that adjusts for smaller loaves makes for convenient bagging.

Also from Oliver, the Front Load Duo-Slicer Model 758 features a large loaf capacity – capacity of 13” loaves per side. There are two slice thickness options. This machine provides options using 25% less space and 50% less energy.

Users can choose two slice thickness options with easy-to-operate, front mounted push button controls and safe two-handed operation.

Small investment, big return

Equipment service and repairs can cause interruptions to your bakery operations. Preventative maintenance requires someone’s time and focus. Time and resources need to be focused on baking a quality product, merchandising and customer service. But just like a car that needs regular oil changes, your Oliver bread slicer needs regular blade changes. But who has time for that?

Oliver’s new Blade Replacement Program for bread and bagel/bun slicers is created to be your preventative maintenance partner. While you are focused on making amazing bread products and serving your customers, Oliver will track your blades replacement schedule and even set up service for you.

Depending on the program chosen and age of your machine you may be eligible for extended warranty and increasing discounts on blades and other spare parts.

Regular blade changes lead to improved slicing time, maximum slicing performance, and reduced wear on more expensive parts, like the motor.

Oliver offers three program options:

  • Elite Service – open end supply of blade change every six months, 30% discount on parts, 1 year extra warranty on eligible equipment
  • Pro Service – 18 months service (3 blade changes), 15% discount on parts
  • Entry Service – 1 blade change, coupon on 20% off next blade order

The Oliver extra value includes concierge service for blade installation available with all three service options.

Must-have equipment

Hobart, the premium commercial food equipment manufacturer known for designing and building some of the most reliable, must-have equipment in the industry, has announced the availability of two new slicers: Centerline™ by Hobart Edge10 (10-inch knife) and Edge14 (14-inch knife). The two slicers add to the company’s current offering of Edge slicers featuring 12- and 13-inch knives.

The Centerline by Hobart Edge slicers are part of a line of simple food prep equipment for kitchens seeking quality and reliability at an affordable price. They are ideal for operations that don’t need advanced technology features or those without high-volume production and continuous-run time requirements.

“This slicer offering builds on our commitment of providing kitchens with quality, reliable slicing solutions,” said Carolyn Bilger, marketing director, Hobart Food Equipment Group. “They include features that make them easy to use and that provide operator assurance.”

Both the Edge10 and 14 slicers feature a chrome-plated carbon steel knife that stays sharp to support dependable slicing performance and extend knife life. A top-mounted ceramic stone sharpener allows the operator to hone in 15 seconds for a consistently sharp knife edge, and it is removable and submersible for simple cleaning and sanitation.

A removable carriage, meat grip and product deflector allow operators to take the parts to a sink for easier cleaning and sanitation. The Edge10 and 14 slicers both feature a one-piece anodized aluminum base with fewer crevices where bacteria could grow. The carriage and knife cover are also anodized aluminum for maximum sanitation and minimal cleanup time.

To provide operator assurance, the Centerline by Hobart Edge10 and 14 slicers have a permanently mounted ring guard that protects the knife during operation and cleaning. The Edge14 slicer also has a no-volt release — in the event of power loss, the operator must restart the slicer before being able to operate it again.
Both slicers feature a 45-degree product table that requires less mechanical pressure from the operator during use, plus a Poly-V belt drive system that extends the belt life and produces optimal slicing results. This belt system also features fewer parts, making it more economical and faster to service and repair.

The Edge10 slicer has a 1/3 hp motor and the Edge14 slicer features a 1/2 hp motor.

Uniform slices

From Doyon Equipment Inc., the CPF416 slices quickly and produces uniform bread slices with a gentle clean cut. It's 9 times more efficient than slicing by hand, producing up to 250 loaves per hour, according to the company.

Push the handle, place your bread, and release the handle; the slicer blades will automatically start. 

Then, you can push the bread through with a safety loaf pusher. It's perfect for bakeries, grocery stores and commercial kitchens.

This floor model slices a variety of bread types and loaves up to 17 5/16 inches long and 5/8 inches thick. The machine slices up to 250 loaves per hour.

It is equipped with crumb drawer and bagging shelf, and a safety loaf pusher is included. The motor stops automatically after the loaf has been sliced.

Established by Gustave Doyon in 1950, Doyon Equipment Inc. started as a sales and repair business for bakery equipment. In the mid-1970s, the company began manufacturing its own line of equipment and later developed equipment for export in the 1980s.