Image courtesy of Auntie Anne's
As part of a newly-created holiday, “Shoptoberfest,” gourmet pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s is rewarding fans with a special deal this week.

From October 9 to October 14, those who have the My Pretzel Perks mobile app receive an offer for “Buy One Get One Free” on pretzels. The customer loyalty program from Auntie Anne’s allows customers to earn points towards exclusive deals and rewards.

Additionally, the company is launching a new product that will pique the curiosity of pretzel fans. The Hands-Free Pretzel-Eating Apparatus is a shopping aid which features a string necklace customized for Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Pretzel Nuggets, as well as a bib to keep clothes butter-free. 

The Hands-Free Pretzel-Eating Apparatus is not available for purchase, so Auntie Anne’s is encouraging its followers on social media to keep an eye on opportunities to win one.

“Shopping will never be the same,” says Carol Pasquariello, vice president of marketing for Auntie Anne’s. “It’s as if Auntie Anne’s has given shoppers an extra hand, one designed precisely for the perfect shopping snack. You’re welcome, world.”