On Monday, September 25, Sugar Factory Artisanal Donuts and Coffee Bar and Clinton Hall will team up in New York City to bring a one-of-a-kind savory donuts to customers.

The Sour Cream n’ Onion Doughnut Grilled Cheese will be available exclusively at Clinton Hall for $15. It features a 24-hour raised scallion-filled donut with a sour cream glaze. The donut will be grilled and oozing with sharp cheddar cheese.

The donut will then be suspended over a hot bowl of Clinton Hall potato soup. This dish can serve as a complete meal, making the price tag worthwhile.

Sugar Factory’s award-winning Corporate Executive Pastry Chef Max Santiago and Clinton Hall’s Darryl Harmon created the Sour Cream n’ Onion Doughnut Grilled Cheese. The detail involved in its design will likely make it a favorite for many both in person and on Instagram.

The limited-quantity donut will only be available through the end of October.

Sugar Factory launched its Artisanal Donut and Coffee Bar in New York in mid-July. The sweets chain had previously been known for its couture pops, decadent food menus, and its signature 36-ounce alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets that are all a favorite among celebrities like Drake and Britney Spears.