Image courtesy of The Salty Donut
On Tuesday, August 29, Miami’s The Salty Donut introduced its newest offering. The Babka Stuffed Babka donut, also known as the Babka Squared, will be available to customers for the next three weeks.

The donut is an homage to babka, a sweet yeast cake popular in Eastern Europe that is served at many Jewish bakeries. It is made by taking the bakery’s homemade miniature babka and soaking it in simple syrup. Then, it is wrapped inside of a 24-hour babka brioche (brioche dough that's marbled with chocolate) and topped with chocolate and mixed nut streusel.

“This is definitely different from our sticky bun donut,” says co-owner Amanda Pizarro. “This is hand-wrapped around the babka donut, making it a donut literally within a donut.”

There is no limit to the number of the babka donuts that can be purchased, which has not been the case for previous special edition donuts that The Salty Donut has produced. Each donut will cost $6 and will only be available in-store (The Salty Donut also sells its products through UberEATS).