From July 21 to July 30, pretzel fans from around the world voted to choose Auntie Anne’s next great pretzel flavor that will be offered at its stores nationwide.

On July 31, the company announced the winner who received the most votes. After 1.3 million votes, the Pretzel Nation Creation champion is Sriracha. Later this year, the flavor will be available for a limited time.

Voters could choose from ten salty, sweet, and spicy flavor options. The final votes tally:

  • Sriracha: 638,759 votes
  • S'mores: 449,491 votes
  • Taco: 92,693 votes
  • Buffalo Wings: 90,861 votes
  • Maple Brown Sugar: 47,085 votes
  • Korean BBQ: 25,678 votes
  • Apple Pie: 20,855 votes
  • Chocolate Cherry: 9,522 votes
  • Dill Pickle: 7,907 votes
  • Pink Lemonade: 3,578 votes

"As Pretzel Nation Creation confirmed, Auntie Anne's fans are intensely passionate about their pretzels," says Carol Pasquariello, vice president of marketing for Auntie Anne's. "We loved letting them choose our next flavor and can't wait for the Sriracha Pretzel to join our menu for a limited time later this year."