Image courtesy of Nadia's Gourmet Grapes
Grapes may not initially seem like a snack that is rising in popularity, but it has in the Midwest thanks to retailers in Chicago turning it into a gourmet treat.

Taffy grapes are the latest snack trend causing consumers to flock to shops that sell them. Seedless grapes are dipped in frosting or another sweet coating, and then covered with nuts or other toppings. This turns each individual grape into its own mini-delight.

According to the Chicago Tribune, taffy grapes have become a local phenomenon in recent years. They’ve been around since 2011, but they have spread over time and have gained national attention.

“We always get calls from people before they come in to make sure we have them,” says Eric Gilbert of Bronzeville Harold's Chicken. While a labor-intensive product, they are quick to sell out at Chicago shops.

Tamara Brown began serving them as a part of her event-planning business, but they become so popular that she opened an entire shop for them known as Nadia’s Gourmet Grapes. Her shop serves taffy grapes in around 30 flavors, including key lime, banana pudding, toffee, cookies and cream, and red velvet.

Nadia’s Gourmet Grapes continues to innovate as time goes along. “We use our creativity,” says Brown. “We see what folks like to eat. And if the combo is right and we can mix it up and put it on a grape, we will.”