As we approach spring wedding season, retailers will be looking for the next big thing in wedding cakes. Over the last few years, styles have shifted dramatically. We may be in for another eye-catching trend this year.

According to Brides Magazine, cakes inspired by succulent plants will be extremely popular in the coming months. Also known as terrarium cakes, these detailed desserts are made with piped-on floral designs resembling water storage plants such as desert cacti.

Deep hues of green are the main characteristic of these cakes, but can also include dark blues and reds. For ever more detail, dusty rose, pastel lavender, and tiny pops of yellow can be added.

This emerging trend can provide some flair to any wedding day, especially for those looking to do something less traditional. Succulent cakes are gorgeous, almost too much so to even eat. We’re willing to bet that these cakes are just as delicious as they are visually appealing, though.

See some more of these plant-inspired cakes in our latest slideshow.