Avocado and kettle corn are just a couple of the many suggested flavors that Oreo received when it asked fans to come up with experimental flavors of its popular cookie.

As part of its #MyOreoCreation contest, the company sought out responses for flavors or creations that have not been done by Oreo before. Submissions could be any Oreo-inspired creation like a new flavor or any food item containing Oreo cookies.

Oreo produced the best answers in very small quantities, sending packages of the experimental flavors to the people that submitted each idea. So far, some of those flavors include the aforementioned avocado and kettle corn, as well as cherry cola, unicorn, carrot cake, coffee, and much more.

The contest’s results can provide retail bakeries with an idea of some experimental flavors they may want to try in their own stores. As flavors like avocado and unicorn continue to pop up in new foods, look for them to show up more in the bakery as well.