New York City's Flex Mussels seafood restaurants have made headlines for an item you'd be more likely to see at a bakery. The mini-chain's Everything Donuts take what customers love about the city's famous Everything Bagels and put that flavor on a non-traditional item.

“I don’t really think that donuts necessarily fit in with a seafood restaurant,” says co-owner Alexandra Shapiro. “I think we were trying to do really authentic, home-cooking, easy, simple, desserts that weren’t too fancy. Donuts kind of just felt like the perfect thing that you wanted to finish a meal with.”

Everything Donuts are made by frying dough, brushing with butter, and dunking in an everything seasoning. The spice blend for everything seasoning typically consists of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sea salt, onion, and garlic. The donuts come with four different types of fillings: smoked salmon, maple bacon, jalapeño cheddar, and scallion cream cheese.

To see how Flex Mussels makes its Everything Donuts, check out the above video, courtesy of Thrillist.