Image courtesy of Bob's Donuts
San Francisco bakery Bob’s Donuts is giving its customers a massive challenge: Eat a donut the size of their face in under two minutes.

Those who are up to the task and complete the challenge win a Bob’s Donuts T-shirt, plus a spot on the bakery’s hall of fame and bragging rights over their friends and family. They also get a refund on the expensive ($10.25) donut along with a drink of their choice.

Challengers can pick any flavor of donut, ranging from chocolate and glazed to sprinkles and maple. Twenty four people have been able to eat the donut in under two minutes so far, and several more have been able to do it in under three minutes for a free T-shirt.

Initially, the donut was just put on the menu as a luxury item. Soon though, customers were timing themselves to see how fast they could eat it, and the challenge was born.