Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Salty Tart bakery is leaving its kitchen at Midtown Global Market and heading to a new space in south Minneapolis.

The multiple-time James Beard Award nominee is moving its operation to a new commercial kitchen with more room for retail and wholesale.

“We’ll still sell baguettes, and tarts, and pie, and croissants, and cookies, and all that good stuff,” owner Michelle Gayer tells the Star Tribune. “We just won’t be making it there, we’ll be making it at the new kitchen and shipping it over there. It’ll happen sometime after July 1st. We’ll have all the details that confuse humans on our website.”

The new space will allow Salty Tart to reboot its hamburger bun supply to businesses around town, and it will allow for future expansion to places like the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as well.

Salty Tart moves into its new location on July 1st.