Image courtesy of Vanilya Bakery
Vanilya Bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently began selling cretzels, which are shaped like pretzels but with the buttery, flaky qualities of croissants. The item has quickly become a hit with regulars and new visitors alike.

Owner Bonnie Noll was trying to think of a way to use leftover croissant dough when she came to the realization that the bakery could get in on the food hybrid trend. With summer approaching and more pretzel items being seen on menus, it was the perfect time to make a move.

Selling for $1.75 each, the cretzels at Vanilya come in various flavors such as sesame, poppy, everything, salt, and sweet cinnamon sugar. They are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, until they sell out.

Cretzels are not the only specialty at the Philadelphia bakery. It also offers cakes, cookies, tarts, custards and parfaits, house-baked bagels, handpies containing bacon, egg and cheese, and a Turkish flatbread stuffed with feta and mint called pide.