A few months ago, we called for cake disaster stories—those anectdotes that, while at the time weren't so funny, you look back on and laugh. We've received many great stories, and most of them have happy endings, thanks to bakers' ingenuity. Here's a memory from Debi Brim, a 30-year wedding cake veteran, on how a little imagination went a long way.  

If you would like to share your cake disaster story, send it to us for consideration.

"A bride saw my City Skyline cake...and ordered one for her wedding. The groom was a fireman so she wanted flames coming out of the buildings with a plan to set a small toy firetruck by the cake. The cake turned out great; the red-yellow-orange buttercream icing flames were a great accent on the chocolate building sillouettes.

I had two deliveries that day. At the first delivery, which was a quick in-and-out delivery, I carefully parked the van to make sure the skyline made of chocolate would not be affected by the sun coming in the window. However, the first delivery, which was to take about 3 minutes, ended up taking 10-12 minutes due to some extra decor the bride wanted on the table. In that short time, the sun had moved ever so slightly, and one corner of my city skyline was melted. I raced back to the shop with no idea of how to salvage this. I cut off the melted parts of the buildings with my exact knife. Then inspiration hit me. I added more icing-flames to the damaged buildings and headed out to deliver.

When I arrived at the venue, the staff marveled at the cake. I quickly drew their attention to the damaged buildings and told them, "Since the groom is a fireman, I took my lighter that I use to light candles and melted some of the buildings so they'd look like they collapsed in the fire. What do you think? Does it look real?" Well, they thought I was a GENIUS!!!

Saved by an inspirational moment during a point of panic!"