Visual merchandising is becoming more important in the retail bakery world. That’s why it is wise to check out the latest innovations from bakery and equipment manufacturers that help bakers, pastry chefs and cake decorators add pizzazz to their signature product lines with ease.
One of Instagram’s latest obsessions, for example, are a trend known as “galaxy” donuts. Much like glossy cakes and other decorating innovations, the design can be mesmerizing to behold.
Galaxy donuts are made by putting drops of food dye in the white icing, swirling it with a spoon, and then dipping the donuts halfway into the icing and letting the colors slide off them until the galaxy effect is achieved. 
The technique was popularized after a confectioner from Iran named Hedi Gh showed off her design on Instagram. Later on, a blogger shared a recipe on Instagram and trend took off.

Image courtesy of Hedi Gh (@h.rebel/Instagram)

For bakers that want to achieve similar effect, there are many cake decorating and bakery manufacturers that offer glaze and sparkle. 

Drawing attention to your sweet bakery products and satisfying your customers' sweet cravings are two keys to having a successful cake and pastry offering. Sprinkelina Glitter Glaze from CSM Bakery Solutions offers both. Sprinkelina Glitter Glaze is packed in ready-to-use pouches, so all you have to do is pour and spread.
Another important aspect of designer decorating involves labor. You can’t afford to sell eye-catching bakery products if you have to spend a fortune on labor by hand.
The Deco-iSpot from Unifiller enables bakers to base-ice cakes and to decorate cupcakes directly from a bowl or pail. With plenty of power and speeds of up to 120 deposits a minute, the Deco-iSpot can save time and prevent injury or strain for the operator. The Deco-iSpot accurately portions buttercream so there’s more fill and less spillage. 
A patented bubble extractor ensures smoother icing deposit. Standard follower plates work with specific buttercream pails. This versatile machine can be additionally used as a depositor to deposit batters, fillings and other smooth flow-able products. Simple sanitary all-stainless steel machine design means quick product changeover and minimal cleanup.
For adding glaze in a small footprint, the Jelly Quick 2.0 from Bakon is a tabletop pectin glaze sprayer for applying pectin glaze on bakery items, improving their aspect with a transparent shine and increasing the shelf life of the finished products. Applications are for fruit pies, Danish, cakes and more.
Benefits of the Jelly Quick 2.0 include quiet operation, low power consumption and gentle heating of the pectin glaze. The equipment requires minimum space, as the bag-in-box of glaze fits directly on top of the machine. The constant flow is electronically regulated, and there is a heated hose for trouble-free operation.