By virtue of their upbringing, Gen Zs are unintentional foodies and were brought up in a culture that talks about, celebrates, and entertains with food, according to a recent NPD report.

Growing up with a greater emphasis on flavor and function rather than brand will make Gen Zs more challenging for cake shops to reach. Like the millennials, this group wants authenticity and although the term has become synonymous with clean and fresh, it broadens for Gen Zs to include brands that honestly offer experiences.

This tech-savvy generational group who never knew a world without the internet also seeks personalization, engagement, and fluidity, like portable sweets, to meet the needs of their busy lives.

One cake shop that is adding appeal by taking its cake design into the future is Creative Cakes in Tinley Park, Illinois. The bakery has introduced a cutting-edge idea called the Creative Cakes Design Studio, a unique, high-end specialty cake ordering concept.

Potential clients can book an appointment online and complete a comprehensive event profile that helps the bakery determine the client’s vision before the appointment even happens. They can then work through the design process, creating an ideal cake that satisfies both design and flavor.

“Welcome to the future,” says Creative Cakes co-owner Beth Fahey. She points out that as technology-savvy young consumers get married, they're looking for a unique experience. “They want a point-click-deliver option, but insist on quality ingredients, delicious taste, and a masterpiece cake for their wedding. Our new Design Studio satisfies all those demands,” she says.

Creative Cakes stresses that this process is not limited to wedding cakes. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events can be collaborated on through the Studio.

“People of all ages are relying more on technology to get things done and many events now demand a 'wow' cake, like Baby’s first birthday, religious events, or a 50th anniversary,” says Fahey. “All of these cakes are delivered directly to any home, club, or restaurant, so we eliminate the possibility of a cake being ruined when a customer picks up and moves the cake themselves.”