Pie maker, designer, and filmmaker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin possesses many talents, which she showcases on the blog Pies Are Awesome. The blog, as she puts it, is a celebration of pie (especially geeky pie).

Clark-Bojin posts a new pie tutorial each week, with subject matters ranging from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, games, comics, toys, and science. She states that her goal is inspire other people to take their pie-making to weird and wonderful places along with her, to “Pie-oneer” as she calls it.

She will certainly inspire many bakers with her latest effort that takes pie-making to another level. Taking advantage of the luminescent properties of tonic water and boiling it with agar agar, she has created a glowing gel that she pipes into cut-out sections of pie crust.

This glow-in-the-dark pie crust is simply amazing, and you can check it out below.