This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will collide for the ultimate prize in football. Meanwhile, those areas’ local donut shops will collide as well in a friendly wager over the game’s results.

Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts in Boston (and Saugus, Massachusetts) has made the challenge to Atlanta’s own Sublime Doughnuts. After making successful bets with Mac’s Donut Shop in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh (whose Steelers lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game) and Hugs & Donuts in Houston (whose Texans lost to the Patriots in the divisional round), Kane’s is looking to go three-for-three this postseason.

Standing in their way will be Sublime Doughnuts and its Atlanta Falcons, who have had a similarly impressive run this postseason.

The friendly wager will be for a dozen of each donut shops’ specialty. You can see Kane’s challenge here.

Sublime gladly accepted the challenge, stating that they are very confident in their team. Additionally, they will also offer a dozen donuts to whichever lucky customer guesses closest to the final score of the game. You can see the Sublime Doughnuts response here.