Come this Sunday, well over 100 million viewers will tune in to see the biggest football game of the season.  Parties play a big role in the viewing experience, and people will be looking to stock up on delicious food and beverages for the game.

Food Dive reports that in 2016, the biggest food items sold were wings (approximately $82 million worth), salads ($80 million), sandwiches ($58 million), and veggie trays ($13 million). The big beverages were beer and wine, with $1.2 billion and $594 million in sales respectively.

The National Retail Federation states that Americans will spend almost $15 billion on products related to this day, much of that coming from food. It is the second most popular day for food consumption, after Thanksgiving.

“Like the commercials, the food is just as important — if not more important — than the teams that play and the ultimate victor,” says Jay Alley, vice president of retail sales for Fresherized Foods.

Many consumers will look to their local bakeries for food items on Sunday. They will be looking for foods that are crowd-pleasers, focusing on indulgence in their choices.