Today, Tuesday, October 11, commemorates Dulce de Leche Day and consumers are being encouraged by Nestlé La Lechera to join the celebration by creating special moments for their loved ones inspired by Dulce De Leche and sharing recipe creations via social media platforms with the hashtag #DulceDeLecheDay.     

"In today's busy world, it's easy to forget that every day is worth celebrating with your family," says Ainoa Cuberos, Associate Brand Manager for Nestlé La Lechera.  "Dulce de Leche Day gives us one more reason to celebrate, and nourish our family with love, heritage and delicious treats that have become so synonymous with Latin culture. From Argentinians to Colombians, to Latinos in the United States, Dulce de Leche has found a special place in our upbringing, and at La Lechera we want to highlight this special ingredient, so authentic to our heritage."

Whether it's preparing a new Dulce de Leche cake with the help of your children, or showcasing a special family recipe, consumers are invited to get inspired and create memorable moments they can enjoy with their loved ones on Dulce de Leche Day.