(Image via Lose It)

According to a Fox Business report, 46% of millennials want as much quantifiable data about their health as possible. That thirst for knowledge has extended to most age brackets, as more and more people are searching out the health information of their food.

Lose It, a weight loss and calorie tracking app, has added a new beta called Snap It. This feature allows the user to take photos of their daily meals and snacks to automatically log them and derive approximate calorie counts.

After the photo is taken, Snap It will analyze and submit guesses of what the photo is. Users then confirm the food seen in the photo, and add details such as ingredients that can’t necessarily be seen and serving size.

Lose It claims that Snap It beta achieves 87.3% to 97.1% accuracy already within that data set. And as users contribute more images and descriptions, Snap It should become even more precise and accurate.

Snap It could affect how many users view food choices, and that seems to be a primary goal of the creators.

“Ultimately we want to make understanding your diet as simple as Fitbit made understanding your activity. Snap It is going to give us the opportunity to reach a whole new set of users that may have found tracking frustrating or might’ve never even tried it because it seemed too time consuming. When tracking is a simple as snapping a picture, it becomes accessible to nearly everyone,” says CEO Charles Teague.