Online edible image printer and ink supply store, Icing Images has announced eight new products to their robust line of cake decorating supplies. Products include the Spectra Printers & Edible Ink Cartridges, Simi Transfer Sheets, food safe electronic cutting mats, Paper Potion, lilac Premium Wafer Paper (flavored), and three new wafer paper package sizes.

Icing Images owner Deborah Coughlin explains, "These new cake decorating supplies are an answer to customer product requests to save money, decorate easier and help sugar artists creations stand out. Paper Potion & Simi Transfer Sheets are both brand new mediums to the cake decorating industry."

The newest addition to the line of edible cake printers is the Spectra Printer. With the compact design, users are now able to successfully pull their icing sheet from the bottom of the printer using Icing Image's Premium line of edible paper. With its removable print head, rare clogs are not a problem to fix.

Designed by Chef Mike Terry, Certified Master Sugar Artist, a two sided food safe cutting mat was added to the Electronic cutting supply line. These mats were designed exclusively for the Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter for use with edible paper at a low cost.

Icing Images also added Paper Potion to its new product line. While this product was intended to condition wafer paper for easy manipulation to create edible decorations, Icing Images says that it is finding that this edible Potion is also great for sticking edible decorations to cakes such as DECOgel, edible flowers, gelatin, and edible pictures. Other uses are also being discovered and will be released as further testing evolves.