Creative Boom - an art and design blog covering the best work from the fields of art, crafts, graphic design, illustration, and photography – recently featured a new creative endeavor in the baking industry.

STUDIOLAV, a "young and passionate, multidisciplinary, design studio", has designed a set of wooden stamps that combine baking with high-end fashion.

With these stamps, bakers can print the iconic fabric patterns of Pied de Poule and Tweed Herringbone on to bakes to transform bread, cookies, and pies into small 'haute couture' marvels.

"Through their work they look into different ways of reinterpreting ideas and typologies. With playful and ironic spirit they express their investigating tendencies and curiosities regarding perceptions of form and materiality. They highly value the importance of the emotional connection between people and objects and they often use narratives to expose it."