Branding is a valuable part of any business, particularly in the retail industry. Tagging your cakes with your bakery’s brand is as important as a painter’s signature on a canvas. As many cake decorators are quickly gaining public recognition as talented artists, the development and trademarking of style and design is becoming increasingly important. When a customer purchases one of your creations and offers it at an event, it should present your style and skillful design, but it should also advertise your bakery.

There are a number of ways to subtly add your bakery’s brand to your products. While packaging is a critical part of advertising your business, branding can start right in the decorating room. Develop a signature style of piping or fondant work that is unique to your bakery, and make sure it is a frequently reoccurring design. This doesn’t mean it has to be an overwhelmingly noticeable style. It simply needs to help the cake maintain your brand throughout your cakes.

Printing your bakery’s logo on chocolate is another great option. For instance, Gateaux Bakery in Closter, NJ purchases personalized chocolate in bulk with the bakery’s name printed in gold on each tab. Gateaux Bakery places these on each cake, ensuring that anyone who enjoys the stunning cake will know where it came from.

Just like any other art form, it’s important that you take credit for your work. Strategies like these can bolster your brand’s reputation and consistency.