AIB International has added Bread Manufacturing Process and Bread Troubleshooting to its lineup of baking courses on LearningLab@AIB, the company’s on-line learning platform.

The self-paced on-line courses help participants acquire targeted information one simple module at a time, according to AIB.

“Our research shows retirements are creating a void in the industry, and appropriately trained replacements aren’t available,” said Susan Hancock, vice-president of innovation and product development at AIB. “Additionally, developing markets require a way to convey basic information without having to fund travel for large numbers of employees. These courses fill both needs in one package.”

In Bread Manufacturing Process, participants acquire targeted information about the complete bread manufacturing process from scaling to packaging. In Bread Troubleshooting, participants learn a systematic approach to identifying root causes of common baking problems.

On-line registration now is open now for both courses at