Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a manufacturer of baking and process systems for the global food industry, has added a dedicated cookie production line to its Science and Innovation Center in Sinking Spring, Pa. RBS said the new production line complements the facility’s existing flexible snack production line for testing crackers, pretzels and other baked snacks.

The 600-millimeter cookie line includes a Thomas L. Green Rotary Molder and Wirecut Machine, and a single zone, 9-meter long Prism Recirculation Oven that includes both radiant and convective heat transfer methods.

“You can either recirculate the air in the baking chamber to create a high radiant environment, or you can directly impinge convection air onto the product,” said Shawn Moye, vice-president of sales, Americas. “The Prism Oven also features our Thermatec High Radiant Steel Ceiling that ensures a consistent, uniform bake by storing and reradiating heat to the product.”

Mr. Moye said the expansion is part of RBS’s effort to offer more specialized testing options to its customers.

“Having a dedicated cookie line will allow us to focus our efforts on those products, with the inherent components of a cookie oven that are different from our flexible line,” he said.

RBS opened the 30,000-square-foot Science and Innovation Center in 1996 and moved the center into its current facility seven years ago.