ACE Bakery has attained Non-GMO Project verification for their wide variety of premium artisan breads (excluding items containing egg and dairy). ACE Bakery breads, proudly bearing the Non-GMO Project verified seal, are currently available in grocery retailers and restaurants across the United States and Canada.

The ACE Bakery White Baguette contains only simple, premium ingredients; the recipe unchanged since the company’s founding in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. The Non-GMO Project verified seal is awarded by The Non-GMO Project, the leading industry-recognized verifying authority in North America for GMOs. This verification indicates that the team at ACE Bakery has completed the required process to deem that the simple, premium ingredients used in their verified breads are not sourced from genetically modified crops.

 “Pursuing non-GMO verification is a natural next step for us, providing an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customers especially as we embark on further expansion into the United States and across Canada,” says Roy Benin, president of ACE Bakery.  “Since 1993, ACE Bakery has been committed to baking artisan breads of the highest quality with ingredient transparency and traceability being of utmost importance.”

“We pride ourselves in leading and innovating, while at the same time ensuring our commitment to the highest quality artisan baking,” adds Sophia Rouleau, marketing and communications manager for ACE Bakery. “Research indicates that choosing food items that are non-GMO is the second biggest priority for consumers while shopping - even more important than purchasing items that are local and organic.”

"Achieving the Non-GMO Verification on our iconic baguette was a labor of love for the entire ACE Bakery® team,” adds Marcus Mariathas, ACE Bakery’s Master Baker. “We are pleased to be officially acknowledged for responsibly sourcing our ingredients and for adhering to best baking processes by unapologetically refusing to use preservatives or dough conditioners in our ACE Bakery products."

Earlier this year, Marcus competed in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (World Cup of Baking), a prestigious worldwide baking competition in Paris.