Magasin restaurant owner Kim Nguyen and partner Holly Nguyen are planning to open Magasin French Vietnamese Bakery at 329 Julia Street in New Orleans, according to published reports by 

The bakery and cafe will offer steamed buns, waffles flavored with pandan, meat pies filled with pâté and grab-and-go banh mi. Magasin Vietnamese French Bakery will have espresso, but also cafe sua dau.  

"It will be our families' recipes for baking," Holly Nguyen said.

Magasin continues to grow. It began with Magasin Cafe, a stylish Vietnamese restaurant on Magazine Street. Owner Kim Nguyen then created the Sprout and Press juice bar. A second restaurant, Magasin Kitchen, opened last December in the South Market District development.

Magasin Cafe’s speciality is its unique twist on classic Vietnamese dishes: spring rolls are filled with Chinese sausage and fried eggs, bringing a Western all-day-breakfast vibe to the classic spring roll. Magasin’s bánh mì are made using French bread from La Boulangerie, a nearby bakery.