Uber eats
Bakeries can keep up with customer demands by using delivery services like UberRush.

The emergence of the on-demand and sharing economy is steadily transforming commercial behavior. With just a tap of a smartphone, consumers have immediate access to nearly any product or service: a ride to the airport, dry cleaning and even fresh baked goods. As consumer demand for convenience and instant gratification continues to build, local mom and pop bakeries looking to remain competitive with big names like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts must be able to provide the convenience of online ordering and on-demand delivery without having to completely restructure or make capital investments in infrastructure like fleets of delivery cars.
While many bakery owners recognize the changes in consumer expectations, they often lack the resources to staff and manage such an operation; or so they think. Luckily a simple and affordable delivery solution is available directly on their Clover point-of-sale (POS) system. Available for download in the Clover App Market, UberRUSH eliminates the logistical nightmare associated with hiring and managing a delivery fleet, or using other food delivery platforms that don’t allow for direct point of sale integration, leveling the playing field for mom and pop bakeries to stay competitive.
UberRUSH on any Clover device provides bakery owners with the following advantages:

Cost Efficiency

UberRUSH empowers bakery shop owners — including those who may have previously considered on-demand delivery too difficult and expensive to manage—with a user-friendly way to dispatch and track deliveries. Store owners also do not have to hire delivery personnel; they have the option to pay the delivery costs or pass it on to the consumer, and can even step out from behind the counter. This is especially helpful during the morning rush, when long lines and large orders are likely keeping employees busy and unable to efficiently service customers in store while also taking and completing remote orders and deliveries.

Expanded customer reach

Bakeries, especially those with high quality or novelty goods, may frequently field feedback from customers wishing that there was a more convenient way to purchase these goods: “I would order these scones every day if this shop wasn’t so far from my house.” Using UberRUSH on Clover, bakeries can retain customers who may have decided to shop elsewhere in the interest of convenience. The same holds true with potential new customers who have heard rave reviews, but are not within walking distance. Delivery capability means being able to translate word of mouth into sales.  In the areas where UberRUSH is currently available, Bakery owners can now send goods straight from the oven to the customer at his or her desk or front door, expanding the geographical reach of loyal and new customers.

Improved Operations

Other online ordering and delivery solutions have store owners running to the back room to check a computer for online orders. This is not only time consuming, but also increases the risk of missing orders or incorrectly filing them. It also presents challenges for bakery owners looking to sync their inventory and customer database across multiple, incompatible platforms. With UberRUSH, the transaction stays within the Clover POS. This means the employee at the front counter can serve customers both in the store and across the city without leaving the helm. It also means other business management needs, such as tracking inventory and customer information, sync flawlessly with the existing methods of tracking those elements in-store. The Clover App Market is filled with more any 125 apps to choose from, designed specifically to improve all aspects of owning and running a business.

For local businesses, including bakeries, online ordering and on-demand delivery is more important than ever in expanding and retaining a customer base. UberRUSH in the Clover App Market allows for business owners to harness the power of online ordering and on-demand delivery without sacrificing quality, time and money.