Classic meringue, exotic spice, and "kitchen sink" cookies are among the half-dozen hot holiday cookie trends this year, according to the American Egg Board. It's not uncommon to see restaurant trends make their way into holiday baking – an activity where people want to celebrate old family traditions and add a little something special of their own to the mix. In fact, nearly three in four consumers (73%) are willing to try and bake a new type of holiday cookie this year, according to a recent American Egg Board survey.

This year, exotic flavor combinations and classic cookies – with a twist – are making their way from the dessert menus of restaurants and bakeries into America's kitchens and inspiring our holiday cookie trend list of 2015.  

Holiday Cookie Trends of 2015

Meringue Makes A Comeback: These light and airy cookies are sweetening up the holidays with their wispy texture and versatility. Just one batch can give you countless flavor and color combinations that keep on delighting guests. Go for sparkle at your holiday dessert table with these Peppermint Meringue Kisses.

The Classics Get Spicy: People are looking to capture the love that went into Grandma's favorite cookie dough recipe while still making it their own. More than half (52%) of consumers have considered adding exotic spices like curry and ginger to their traditional holiday baked goods.2 Award-winning Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini of Chef's Roll has embraced the trend with these memorable Ginger-Curry Sugar Cookies.

"Kitchen Sink" Cookies: Home chefs are embracing creativity and customization in the kitchen this season. We expect to see this come to life with cookies that start with familiar dough like chocolate chip, but include salty ingredients to the mix. For true "Kitchen Sink" cookies, start with sweet ingredients like mini peanut butter cups, chopped candy bars or dried cherries. Then, throw in salty with crushed pretzels or even potato chips!

The Hostess Gift Gets Reinvented: Gone is the last-minute scramble for a bottle of wine. Save time by putting together a memorable hostess gift while you're already baking. Layer dry cookie ingredients in a mason jar, attach the recipe card, add a label and get ready to be the most creative and thoughtful guest at the party. The ingredients in Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies give the gift an extra festive feel.

Cookies Get "Santa-Sized": Forget the plate of cookies! Santa only needs one – as long as it's a big one. Classic cookies like Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles are showing up extra-large and individually wrapped. Bring the trend home by using spring-release ice cream scoops (a large one) and don't forget that baking times may need to increase depending on your oven and how large you want to make your cookie for jolly old Saint Nick.   

Cookies Get Savory…With the Help of Bacon: The love affair with bacon isn't over and the popular breakfast meat is making an appearance in savory holiday desserts. Give the classic chocolate chip a face-lift with this bacon-inspired recipe from Serious Eats.

Let the Eggsperts Help
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