According to a new online survey, released by Great American Cookies and conducted online on the brand's behalf, 94 percent of parents say they have rewarded their children for good behavior.

In response to the survey results, Great American Cookies is launching the first-ever National Bribe Your Child Week from Aug. 9–15 to provide parents with the next sweet reward for their children. Parents can visit to download a pledge sheet, work with their children to complete the sheet, and bring it to any Great American Cookies location during National Bribe Your Child Week in exchange for one free regular chocolate chip cookie.

Great American Cookies currently operates in mall-based locations across the United States, as well as internationally in Bahrain, Chile, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The survey also revealed 80 percent of parents with children ages two through four have rewarded their children with sweet treats. Other types of rewards identified among surveyed parents included more tablet/TV time (59 percent), new toys (62 percent) and a later bedtime (47 percent). Finishing chores and getting good grades were among the top tasks that are rewarded, as 66 percent and 60 percent of parents have rewarded their children for those tasks, respectively.

"Parents across America, we support you! Great American Cookies believes that often times a sweet incentive is all it takes to get your children to do their best in school, finish their chores or smile in photos. We see it all the time in our stores, feel no shame!" said David Kaiser, Brand Vice President, Great American Cookies. "Our survey revealed the vast majority of parents incentivize their children with treats and that's why we're launching National Bribe Your Child Week. Your child's next reward is on us! We hope parents will stop by Great American Cookies and reward their children for good behavior with a delicious chocolate chip cookie – for free!"

Throughout the week, parents can also share photos of how they reward their children using the hashtag #IBribeMyChild for a chance to win additional treats from Great American Cookies. For more information and store locations, visit our website, follow Great American Cookies' national Twitter handle, @Gr8AmCookies, or become a fan of the brand on Facebook