Ace Bakery announced results of a recent poll of 5,000 Canadians from coast-to-coast who were asked to share details of their favorite food. Stacked up against iconic Canadian classics like poutine and maple syrup, the burger was revealed as one of the most commonly and popular consumed foods amongst Canadians. In fact, nearly 40% of Canadians indulge in a burger every week.

Inspired by this research, this summer Ace Bakery encouraged consumers from across the country to vote for Canada's Ultimate Burger. Four tantalizing gourmet burger contenders were in the running, with playful names like Old Faithful, Bangin' BBQ, Hot Chick and House of Carbs. Up for grabs were two ultimate grilling prize packs, each including a Big Green Egg BBQ and a fabulous Suite of EGGcessories.

Which burger reigned champion in Canada's hearts and stomachs? With over 70,000 votes cast, it was a clear win for Old Faithful, receiving 40% of the votes. "Canadians voted for a timeless, yet elevated burger creation taking note of the gourmet bun," Rouleau remarks. The Old Faithful features beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms. And, of course not to be overlooked, the bun: an Ace Bakery Sesame Rosemary Gourmet Bun.

"We are really proud of our Gourmet Bun line-up and want consumers to discover that they can have remarkable burgers in their own backyard. Our Canada's Ultimate Burger Contest achieved just that; we helped consumers across the nation enhance their burger experience while being excited and engaged," says Sophia Rouleau, Marketing Manager at Ace Bakery, "The contest is a great success, and the voter turnout has been extraordinary."

The trend for better-quality ingredients continues to strengthen, including a demand for gourmet burger buns. This is not surprising to the team at Ace Bakery who cite the Better Burger Phenomenon. "In the past, the focus was on upgrading the protein. Today we're seeing more consumers take notice in the bun itself, the burger's carrier. A high quality gourmet bun is essential in creating the very best burger experience," states Roy Benin, President at Ace Bakery.

So what makes a burger bun gourmet? "We're passionate about real ingredients, simple recipes, absolutely no preservatives and respecting time-honored artisan baking techniques," says Benin.

Credit also goes to Master Baker, Marcus Mariathas for his closely guarded recipes and decades-old starter doughs that provide the rich flavor in every Ace Bakery baked good. Ace Gourmet Buns are offered in three varieties: Classic, Sesame Rosemary and Cheddar Ciabatta.

The two lucky winners of Canada's Ultimate Burger Contest are Sue W. from Acton, Ontario, and Jared M. from Verdun, Quebec. "On behalf of everyone at Ace Bakery, we wish the winners and burger lovers a delicious barbeque season!" exclaims Rouleau. For the Canada's Ultimate Burger Contest's four burger recipes, visit

The next big thing for Ace? "We're always innovating and testing new flavors. Watch out, bread fans! We will be unveiling some new holiday items this fall for a limited time. Particularly, Country Stuffing and Cinnamon Raisin Brioche," shares Benin.