Marie Callender’s, a brand of ConAgra Foods, announced the search for a spokesperson who embodies the brand’s lasting philosophy of creating special, just-like-homemade desserts that nurture friends and family. Through a month-long talent search, Marie Callender’s will identify its “Pie Queen or King,” an individual who will serve as the brand’s spokesperson and winner of a $15,000 grand prize to make his or her baking dreams come true.

Over the course of the next year, with a possibility of extension, the Marie Callender’s Pie Queen or King will develop baking and lifestyle content for the brand including, but not limited to, baking tips, recipes, usage ideas and photography to be used across all brand activations including social media and Additionally, the winner will serve as the public spokesperson, participating in media interviews and other publicity efforts.

“The ideal candidate will share the same passion and love for baking as Marie did in the 1940s, when she began selling her pies at the urging of family and friends. Marie truly understood the importance of nurturing loved ones with comforting meals and desserts and we want to celebrate that tradition decades later by finding a great baker who shares her enduring philosophy,” said Casey Richards, brand director.

To enter the contest, consumers must upload a one-to-two-minute video to by September 24, 2015. In addition to the video submission, entrants are asked to provide an original pie tip and answers to three baking related essay questions.

The winner will be selected based on the originality of his or her video and how well his or her personality fits Marie Callender’s brand. In addition to being crowned Marie Callender’s Pie Queen or King and serving as a spokesperson for the brand for up to one year, the winner will receive a $15,000 grand prize and a behind-the-scenes tour showcasing the special care and touches that go into the making of Marie Callender’s fruit and cream pies.