Eight years after opening in Red Hook, Baked bakery is set on a Manhattan expansion, but owners Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito are “having the darndest time finding a space.” So they’re asking fans of Baked’s cakes, cookies and muffins to join in the effort.

“You see,” reads a post on the Baked website, “finding a retail space in Manhattan is nearly as difficult as finding a decently priced apartment in Manhattan.” The crowdsourcing effort asks customers to suggest ideal locations, and a winning suggestion will net the tipster a sweet prize.

But first, some qualifications on the Manhattan satellite: “We’d love to be somewhere between midtown and the financial district, though if you find a great space anywhere in the city, let us know,” the owner says. “Maybe it will work.” Baked is looking for around 1,500 square feet of retail space in addition to a basement for prep and storage.

“Nice landlord = bonus,” they write, while “outdoor seating possible = major homerun. (None of these are deal killers, just dreams).

Baked hopes to open in Manhattan by the fall. Anyone who helps Lewis and Poliafito land a Manhattan location will be treated to one cake per month for one year. The posting does not mention desired rent.

Billy Gray // CommercialObserver.com