The San Francisco-based Tartine Bakery has become a famous tourist spot, known for its delectable offerings. Now, the bakery has announced that it will debut a new, massive location in LA in late 2017.

This bakery will be three times the size of Tartine’s Bay Area location. The 15,000 foot space will offer both casual breakfast and lunch during the day and full dinner service at night.

Once the project has broken ground, baking operations will come online first, with a full restaurant debut coming a month or so afterwards. This is currently projected to be sometime near October or November 2017.

According to Eater LA, the focal point of the business is owner Chad Robertson’s “world class baking”, which covers everything from bread to pastries and croissants. Co-owner and Robertson’s wife Liz Prueitt will oversee the sweeter side of things, with unique takes on items like blueberry crisps and sundaes.

“We work best when we divide and conquer,” says Robertson.