Flowers Foods, Inc. is adding to its Tastykake brand with the limited-time offering of strawberry Mini Donuts and three new Kandy Kakes varieties: lemon, cherry and strawberry.

The new sweet goods will be available in retailers from April 13 to June 12.

Tastykake’s new strawberry Mini Donuts feature a strawberry-flavored donut with traditional powdered sugar coating. The donuts are available in 10-oz bags, with 12 bags per case, and have an estimated retail price of $2.99.

The additions to the Kandy Kakes line include: lemon, featuring a white coated vanilla sponge cake with a lemon creme filling; cherry, featuring a dark chocolate covered chocolate cake with a cherry creme filling; and strawberry, featuring a white coated vanilla sponge cake with a strawberry creme filling.

Each of Tastykake’s new spring Kandy Kake’s 8-oz boxes includes six packs of two, with 18 boxes per case, and has an estimated retail price of $4.49.

“We are thrilled to introduce Tastykake’s limited edition spring snack offerings, providing consumers and customers with delicious new seasonal treats,” said Brent Bradshaw, vice-president of cake marketing at Flowers Foods. “Through our product innovation, fans can enjoy playful spring versions of their favorite Tastykake products.”