Van Leer, a leading domestic brand of chocolates, coatings and sugar free products manufactured by the Barry Callebaut Group, announced the launch of Henna 41% Milk Chocolate for North American confectionery, bakery and pastry professionals. Produced using 41% cacao and whole milk, Henna delivers a darker finish than standard milk chocolate products while maintaining a distinct milk chocolate flavor profile. 

Henna 41% is ideal for dessert professionals who place a high value on quality, flavor and tradition. The versatile chocolate can be used in everyday pastry, bakery and confectionery applications, as well as large-scale gourmet manufacturing environments.

Key benefits include:

Unique Conching Process – The long and slow conching process reflects Van Leer’s European heritage and delivers a consistent product flavor and workability.

Made with whole milk – The use of whole milk ensures the right balance of creamy texture and strong caramelization that is ideal for ganache or moulding.

Pure Ingredients – Manufactured using only non-GMO and natural ingredients, Henna milk chocolate supports a clean label claim that has become increasingly important to chefs and consumers alike.

“As part of our corporate Innovation strategy, the Barry Callebaut Group is constantly seeking new ways to help drive product differentiation for our customers,” said Mike Schrauth, Vice President of Gourmet Marketing for Barry Callebaut. “The new Henna 41% product provides gourmet professionals a uniquely dark, smooth and less sweet milk chocolate option that stands out in any application.”

The Van Leer product range consists of pure chocolate, compounds, glazes, and sugar-free products in various formats including blocks, snaps, chips and chunks, as well as beverage mixes and ice cream products. Deeply rooted in its European heritage, Van Leer is highly recognized in the United States for its versatility, quality and value – serving the needs of professionals across the confectionery, bakery, pastry, hotel and restaurant segments.

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