Mars Chocolate North America announced today the launch of "Great Moments In Chocolate History," a book created in partnership with the National Geographic Society.  "Great Moments In Chocolate History" is the first book in a two-book agreement between Mars and National Geographic and is authored by Howard-Yana Shapiro, Chief Agricultural Officer, Mars Incorporated.

Shapiro is an internationally recognized expert on all things chocolate and focuses on sharing the amazing history of one of the world's favorite foods—chocolate. Beloved by everyone from the ancient Aztec to Marie Antoinette to George Washington, chocolate has engendered a worldwide passion that has endured across the centuries and has given us some of the world's most beloved brands, including M&M'S Brand, SNICKERS Brand, and MILKY WAY Brand. The book completes the experience with 20 delicious recipes coupled with their historical significance, including two recipes featuring AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate.

"The appeal of chocolate has always crossed the boundaries of time, culture, socio-economic groups, gender and generation," said Howard-Yana Shapiro. "This book brings the story to life through detailed information and extraordinary images based on decade's worth of research by Mars and our uncommon collaborators."

"Great Moment's In Chocolate History" is now available worldwide at with a suggested retail price of $19.95 US.