As the natural foods industry continues to grow and expand into mainstream markets, natural and organic brands are recognizing the opportunity for going bold with their package design. Angelic Bakehouse, a leading producer of sprouted whole grain breads, premium wraps and pizza crusts, is one of these brands that has recognized the opportunity and has revamped its sprouted whole grain packaging with a striking new look.

Established in 1969 as Cybros the Sprouted Bakehouse, the company was later purchased in 2009 by husband and wife team, Jenny and James Marino.  Wanting a name that would reflect the purity of the ingredients used and the processes applied when making all of their products, the couple rebranded and renamed the company to Angelic Bakehouse in 2013.

After spending time establishing their premium products and company name within the category, the Marinos are now focusing their efforts on reflecting the company’s personality front-and-center on the packaging.

“Our products are delicious and nutritious, and we want people to know it,” said Jenny Marino, President and CEO of Angelic Bakehouse. “What better way to get people to consider our products than with fun, engaging packaging that matches who we are as a small company with real people behind the helm. We are a funny and personable brand that believes our new packaging will help us connect to consumers in a fresh way.”


Shane George, President and Creative Director of design firm Workhorse 45, wanted the packaging to cut through the rest of the products on the shelf with style and attitude. "Retailers and consumers alike are faced with many choices,” he said. “Angelic Bakehouse already had a delicious product with a superior nutrition profile. We had a unique opportunity to present the personality behind the brand boldly on the front of the packaging. The goal was to let people know that good flavor and good health do exist, together, in one believable brand."


With their distribution expanding to both mainstream and natural stores, as well as new products added to their ever-expanding line, Angelic Bakehouse seems to be doing something right. “We want our products to stand out from the sea of sameness that is currently on shelf, and this is a great step in that direction,” said Marino.