World-leading Paradise Fruits group of companies has recently unveiled a radical, dynamic and modern new look for its expert fruit ingredients business, to achieve its objective of streamlining its market identity in response to a broadening global footprint.

With its vision to be the global partner of choice for fruit ingredients and snack solutions, the company has reconfigured its branding using the “Paradise Fruits” by Jahncke umbrella, to form three distinctive fruit-focused divisions: Freeze-Dried, Solutions and Frozen.  Previously, each of these had individual identities.

Paradise Garden adopts the same look and feel as its Paradise Fruits sister companies, but focuses on the global sourcing and supply of freeze dried herbs, spices, vegetables, meat, fish and other speciality ingredients.

Paradise Fruits has been owned and managed in the Hanseatic region of Northern Germany by five generations of the Jahncke family, of whom Kurt Jahncke is the current CEO.  He explains: “Our mission is to work together with our business partners to draw from our 130 year heritage, build our expertise and look to the future to produce world-class products and services for our global customers and consumers.

“We’ve already built up some market equity for our Freeze-Dried and Solutions divisions, but we are seeking a step-change during 2014. To achieve this, we recognise that we need to align our global market identity, working with existing and new partners to tailor specialist solutions which anticipate evolving global market needs.”

Recent introductions include the unique Fruit Juice Drops from Paradise Fruits Solutions, are made with 80% fruit, lending them a delicious soft bite and juicy freshness, perfect as a tasty snack on their own or a novel inclusion in chocolates and bakery pre-mixes.  Initially developed for the American market, demand has since rocketed in Europe, stimulating the opening of an additional production line at the Paradise Fruits facility in Northern Germany.

Smoothee Bites from Paradise Fruits Freeze-Dried are a new and unique snacking shape concept made from 100% fruit or with combinations of different ingredients such as vegetables, yoghurt, milk and coffee.  The crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth texture is delicious and fresh as well as nutritious.

Both of these products will be showcased at Natural Products Expo West (March 6-9 in Anaheim, CA).

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