Gonnella Frozen Products LLC, a division of Gonnella Baking Co., has announced that as of May 4, 2014, all of its frozen dough items will be made with unbleached flour. This shift to wheat flour allows for a reduction in other additives, as well; and exemplifies Gonnella’s continued efforts to improve product formulations to stay abreast of industry and consumer trends.

“Consumers are not only more health conscious than ever before, they are also more knowledgeable,” said Tom Marcucci, Gonnella’s vice president of sales and marketing. “They read ingredient legends and are advocating for cleaner label foods that have fewer additives. We have the ability to provide these types of baked goods to our customers, which in turn allows them to better meet the demands of their shoppers.”

The current trend toward more natural processes and wholesome ingredients fits in perfectly with Gonnella’s traditional baking standards. For more than 125 years, the company has maintained a commitment to baking superior quality breads and rolls made from old-world recipes and the finest ingredients.

To ensure its frozen dough items continue to have the consistent taste Gonnella has been known for for decades, the company thoroughly tested the unbleached-flour formulations in its Schaumburg, Illinois research center.

Marcucci explained that unbleached wheat flour is a less processed alternative for baking—it does not contain additives to help achieve the bright white color generally associated with flour. Using it does not alter the flavor, performance or quality of the bread and roll dough as prepared by Gonnella. In fact, the only difference customers may see when choosing items made with unbleached flour is a slightly off-white color in white bread. There will be no noticeable difference in wheat and rye breads.

“For more than 30 years, Gonnella has been a national supplier of frozen dough for in-store bakery and food service operations,” said Marcucci. “We are committed to the success of our partners and work in collaboration with them to provide great-tasting baked goods that people enjoy. Our unbleached flour products are just the most recent example of that.”